A Message From Rob on the Issues:

Maintaining affordability and access to the University for the best and brightest students from the State of Michigan is my top concern. Keeping these students in state for their education is the first step in keeping Michigan's intellectual capital at home, a step critical to securing the state's future competitiveness.

When spending State of Michigan tax dollars at our public universities, our qualified Michigan high school graduates need to be our first priority. 

As a practicing physician with over 30 years experience in research and medicine, I will bring a unique perspective to the Board of Regents. The University of Michigan's total budget is over $6 billion, with nearly half coming from the University Health System and federal research grants. 

Don't you agree that the Board of Regents could use a member who has personal experience with research and medicine? 

Focussing on Innovative Ideas

I got involved in elective politics because neither party seemed to be pushing the cure for the ills suffered by many of our public and governmental institutions. The cure always depends on the proper diagnosis. Below are just a few of my prescriptions for the University of Michigan.